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The Talbot Electric bed is designed to offer a high level of comfort and relaxation. Fitted with a 5-way hinged mechanism that can be manoeuvred into a variety of positions this bed is extremely comfortable and completely supportive. The Faith & Ethan Comfort Touch Mattress from comes with a 1000 pocket sprung interior, antibacterial & hypo-allergenic fillings encased in high density PU foam. This mattress features two outer textile layers with '3D spacers' in between to keep the layers separate maximizing air flow & ventilation.



  • 13.5” + 2” Glides

Talbot Electric bed with Footboard and Faith & Ethan Comfort Touch Mattress

  • Features

    • Talbot Headboard and Footboard

    • All Mattress Lengths 6'6

    • Comfort Touch Mattress
    • Available in 3 Sizes

    • 5-Fold System Electric Bed
    • Upholstered in High Quality Fabric

    • Reinforced Frame
  • Sizes

    • 3'0

    • 4'6

    • 6'0

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