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The Alaska Mattress is designed using a 1500 pocket sprung unit as well as edge to edge support and spinal support, ensuring a supported and comfortable night’s sleep. It features soft touch fabric and is dual sided. The dual sided feature accommodates both comfort levels as the mattress has one side for winter and one side for summer. The winter side has a quilted snug memory foam layer with a quilted knitted cover. The summer side has a cooler fabric with natural silk. The 3D spacer system creates a ventilated layer of air allowing heat and moisture to escape.



  • 33cm



  • Medium


  • Features

    • 1500 Pocket Sprung

    • Edge to Edge Support

    • Spinal Support

    • 3D Spacer System

    • Soft Touch

    • Dual Sided

    • Medium

  • Sizes

    • 4'6

    • 5'0

    • 6'0

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