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Wake up and feel the difference.

Welcome to Durabeds

Our Products

Our Story

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Our Purpose

Here in Durabeds our purpose is to fulfill the needs and wants of all of our customers to the best of our ability. We do this in three steps. The first being providing a wide range of products that suit the needs and wants of any customer with any price range. The second step being ensuring that all of our products are high quality as well as being fairly priced. The final step to fulfilling our purpose is to be continually growing and improving our products and our business to ensure the highest possible customer service standard.

Our Values

At Durabeds we have four main values that support our business purpose. The four values we view as vital to our business are:

  • High-Quality Customer Service

  • High-Quality Products

  • Continuous Improvement

  • Efficiency & Reliability

Our day-to-day operations are based upon our values and reflect the culture we strive to adopt within our business.


Customer Promise

Our customers are the most important aspect of our business. Therefore, we have set out four promises thar we ensure that we provide for all of our customers. The main promise that we give to our customers is a swift delivery service. In a time where delivery times have been extended, we ensure our customers receive their deliveries as quick as possible. We promise our customers that when they purchase a product from Durabeds, they are purchasing from a Dependable company that provides a Transparent service. The final promise we make to our customers is that we at Durabeds Care about our customers.

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Our Factory

Our factory in Cashel manufactures the majority of our products. Because of this we seek high quality manufacturing as well as efficiency to ensure that our customer promises are held. Through locally and internationally sourced materials we promise high quality handmade products using high quality materials. Our factory is adaptable, we aim to provide the customer with options. Our large spacious factory gives us the freedom to allow customers to customize their orders such as multiple size options, a large variety of fabrics and designs as well as adding details to their purchase such as piping or trim. We hold a large inventory of products to support our main customer promise of a speedy delivery.

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